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Email News Letters New Zealand

Email Newsletters Pricing

Email Campaign - Free Sign Up

It's free to sign up. No monthly fees no setup cost. Sign Up Now!


Only $20 per email campaign

$20 for each campaign. What is a campaign? A campaign is when you send out emails to your subscriber list.


Plus 5 cents per email - Email Newsletters

+ 5 cents for each email. So if you have 500 subscribers on your mailing list it will cost you $45 to send out a campaign: $20 for the campaign + (500 x $0.05) = $45.


Custtom email Temaplate - Email Newsletters

You are welcome to use one of our existing email templates, or if you have HTML coding skills, design your own. Most people have 'Email Newsletters' design a custom template for to fix with their company's existing branding.

'Email Newsletters' is able to design a template for your business or organisation for $300 which is tested in more than 15 of the most popular web, desktop and mobile email clients like Outlook 2007, Hotmail, Blackberry, Lotus Notes, Gmail and many more. . . so you can be confident that your emails are being view by your clients the way you want them too.

Once you have your template you can use it again and again.


Run my email campaign for me

Some clients prefer to have 'Email Newsletters' run their email campaign for them. Please contact us directly for detail of 'Run It For Me' pricing.


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